The anger i feel


Keeps building up inside of me


The hate i store


Only seems to grow stronger


Keeping these hateful thoughts locked up is just to hard to contain


I am running out of patience


I am running out of coping methods


Whiskey no longer numbs the pain


Mary Jane no longer makes me forget


The fake smiles are fading


I am no longer pretending


I am ready to give in


  • Poetic Dan

    Great work Mary Jane has been by side for 24 years, still it never stopped the tears, but the only thing to settle my rage.
    I'm hoping soon I'll have no cage.

    Loved your flow, keep up your glow
    Much peace and respect

  • Unsub


    just before you give in, check this line:

    "I am running out out patience"

    I can't let you give in & leave me with a typo! LOL!


  • JustRR


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