Alan .S. Jeeves

There's nothing in the night like the sound of the wind

When all the land is sleeping tight

There is a noise within the night

A noise to touch the sinews of your mind.

To those who hear it at its best

Exalt its sound, as others rest,

And thank the lord he gave it to mankind.


She hums and blows her gentle breezes,

Comes and goes just as she pleases,

Spreads pastoral verses as her theme;

And when the twilight fills the air

Her vivid strains are ever there

For anyone who worships her esteem.


Her voice caresses mighty trees,

Bends their limbs with awesome ease,

Oaks submit and beeches stand-a-quiver.

She shakes their leaves when passing through,

Sings a chorus just for you,

A symphony of joy to make you shiver.


At times when anger doth prevail

She tests her strength and blows a gale

She proves the very essence of her skill.

She fans her substance all around,

Her lusty bluster so profound,

She punishes the ground with all her will.


But she knows it's daylight soon

So then she sings a different tune

And bestows a temperate ballad clear and bright;

And when the darkness leaves the earth

She whistles warm for all she's worth;

There's no sound like the wind makes in the night.




  • Doggerel Dave

    Thanks Alan. I'm aware of the wind at the point of freezing - cooling, dependent on the ambient temperature.
    I'll give it more attention in future for sure. Expansion of consciousness?


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