Philip Daniel Cook


A chance anymore for the Sun.

To shine on, a light that I knew.

Catch fall. We all buried underneath it all.

I'm not anything. Only ghosts in a faucet.

It's like my life is planned.


Can't you get into your mind.

That you are not changing the world.

You are changing your life.


Is it so hard to run through brick walls?

Might be able to phase through you.

And you change your mind.

But you are made.

As if written in your eyes.


That I'll build a new program.

And seize the day, live each moment

like it's the next.


Won't give in to the past that is wrong.

How I have lost the memories I loved.

Let me seek out the strength within.

And move on.


And live in the Sun,

meditate on the moon.


Change your mind.

You might be able to overcome anything.

Believe in others, as yourself.


Chance it!


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