Nothing romantic it was just a case of same place at the same time,


Father time always makes mother earth delusional,


No one want to know?

Only question is, was it bad and we perceived it to be good?

Or did we have something good and perceive it to be bad?

Suppressing emotions to keep from getting mad.

Mad about becoming vulnerable and open to the possibility of getting hurt. what God made us from not what we should be treated like,

But its so uncommon that it was easy to win her over at the promise of treating her right.

We talked, we chilled,our connection was pretty tight.

So instead of making a left and taking her home we got drunk and made a right.

And everything felt so.....right.

It was on this night,

I decided that heaven does exist.

After I was blessed by an angels kiss,

Unfortunately if you believe in heaven then hell is an unwanted must.

Using lust,

to blur the line between an angels kiss and the kiss of death.

She was entertaining more guys than a sold out comedy show.

Not going to say she was a hoe,

she's just a little more loose than most.

Catching ghost,

Time for me to disappear,


Dirt is what God made us from not what we should be treated like.

So I ran fast and turned left, back to my wife that night.

It's hard to play a player,

but it's impossible to play a monster!



  • Jeffrey Roy

    Neat poem ya penned there, I like it

    • Bragee

      Thank you for reading

    • Poetic Dan

      Hanging of every word! It's impossible to play my monster!

      • Bragee

        Lol thank you for reading!

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