There are days it hurts so bad

That I cannot breathe.

There are days the pain is so overwhelming

That I cannot see.

There are days when missing you isn’t so bad

And on those days, I still feel sad.


There are nights black as black

When I cry myself to sleep.

There are nights, only occasionally

That I never make a peep.

There are nights that sorrow is just so bad

And nights that I am not so sad.


There are mornings bright

That I cannot wake.

There are mornings dull

That the pain is too much to take.

There are mornings when I am feeling blue

And mornings when mourning is all I can do.


There are evenings alone

That I spend in tears.

There are evenings about

That I wish you were near.

There are evenings when I miss you so

And evening when not a single tear flow.


There are public places

That remind me of you.

There are public places I can’t go to

There are public places that induce such pain.

And public places with no sorrow to their name.


There are memories of you

That I carry with me constantly.

There are memories of you

That won’t function properly.

There are memories of you that make me happy

And memories of you that make me sappy.


What I am trying to say is this,

A simple message some might miss.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you

I know you know that, don’t you?


  • Clara

    This is incredible. Such wonderful poems are being shared today. I feel blessed.
    Reading this... There's such rhythm to the words, I found myself almost rapping at times to this.

    Wonderful well rounded piece.


  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Beautifully captured
    Like summer coming the bright days get longer and brighter and one day you'll remember and smile and not cry... but we'll always cry...

  • Alta H Mabin

    I absolutely loved reading this. Masterfully crafted words.

  • Fay Slimm.

    The feel of sad loss and overwhelming depression makes this a haunt of a read - hope the message gets across to the one intended - a rhythmic flow sets a lighter vein to the whole piece.

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