Our love was like a porcelain plate

One solid circle with no break

What was once one has now become two

I could repair & make it anew

But that will still leave a huge fucking crack

Down its middle reminding me of the attack


When you put two & two together

Came up with eight

Smashing our brittle love into half

Was your own stupid mistake

Now like the porcelain plate

We are finally broken

Crushed by the weight

Two becomes one

One becomes gone


© 2019 Unsub


  • dusk arising

    Smashing, a real cracker (groan).

    Great, powerful final statement.

    • Unsub


      thanks for dropping by to read & comment my friend,


    • Goldfinch60

      That plate may be broken and the other part missing now but you can be assured that there will be somebody who will reform that plate with you into a seamless whole and you will be able to eat off it without worrying about any cracks.

      • Unsub


        Couldn’t you be miserable with me just once? LOL!


      • sylviasearcher

        Isn’t there some porcelain that’s all the more beautiful for it’s cracks and repairs?

        I think Neville wrote a poem about it.

        There’s something about porcelain that I like to use in poetry. Something about it being all too perfect and fragile.

        I guess it makes me think of porcelain dolls too though when I use it. And they’re a cold pastoral and I’m not sure that’s the kind of porcelain here.

        It felt so very delicate

        • Unsub


          I must check out Neville’s poem as it seems like it might be a good opposite to mine.

          I’ve not used porcelain in my poetry before so I guess I should look into using it more.

          I’m already now thinking of some kind of evil porcelain doll that is my inner demon!

          Thanks as always for stopping by to chat.


          • sylviasearcher

            Well I don’t have many favourite lines from my poems but one line I thought wasn’t bad was

            ‘Possessed like porcelain’

            But I won’t claim a monopoly on it. I was thinking of the humans.

          • orchidee

            You Greek, smashing up all them plates there?!

            • Unsub


              I just love smashing things up! I go to Greek restaurants just to smash up their plates; never actually eaten at a Greek restaurant!


              • orchidee

                Ahh, sounds good! lol.

              • FineB

                Hello Unsub,

                A good write.

                Love like relationships is,like porcelain at times, fragile but needs to be looked after carefully.

                Keep writing FineB

                • Unsub


                  thank you for taking time out to read & comment; most appreciated,


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