🥀One Day At A Time



Why Did I Believe I Could Do This?

Why Was I So Sure It Would Change?

Why Did I Let My Heart Choose? I Should’ve

Never Been Outta My Cage.

Because I Knew This Would Happen..

I Knew I’d End Up Losing My Shit,

I Knew If I Tried To Give Someone My Heart They’d Give It Back And Say They Cant Commit.

The First Time I Was Ever In Love, I Thought

I Found Someone I Was Able To Trust,

I Look Back At The Way That I Was For Her And I Swear I’m Left With Disgust.

Abandonment And Rejection,

Anxiety And Depression,

My Feelings Were Always Ignored, And Not Once Did This Bitch Pay Attention.

I Let It Go To Far, I Fucked Up And Ignored My Intuition,

It Took Me 10 Years To Finally Let It All Go But Got Stuck With This Drug Addiction.

And In The Process Of Healing, I Was Convinced That Id Do It Alone,

Out Of The Blue Came This Virgo Woman, The Most Beautiful Soul I’ve Ever Known.

She Had My Heart I Have To Be Honest,

Became My World, And My Gifted Goddess.

And Don’t Get Me Started On That Body She Owned Cause I Swear To God It Was The Hottest!

I Could Talk To Her About Anything, She Understood All The Pain That I’ve Felt,

She Knew About The Drugs,

And Still Stood By My Side Knowing How Much I Needed Help!

But Somehow I Still Managed To Fuck It All Up

I Just Couldn’t Let Go Of My Fears,

I Kept Holding Back, Assumed Just The Worst,

And Almost Made Her Disappear!

I’m Sick And Tired Of Always Feeling Like Everyone’s Out To Fucking Hurt Me,

I’m Stubborn As Fuck,

And Believe I’m Bad Luck,

I Swear To God This Shit Fucking Irks Me!

I Just Wish I Knew How To Let It All Go, I’m Tired Of Holding Onto The Past,

I Care Way Too Much About This Girl Even Though I Know We Happened So Fast.

I Admit I’m A Bit Disappointed Cause It Already  Feels Like I’m Losing,

Shit With Her Dont Feel The Same Anymore And It’s Starting To Fucking Confuse Me!

Her True Feelings For Me Is Already Something I Have Trouble Understanding,

She’s Good With Affection,

But Sucks With Expression,

And My Love For Her Has Just Been Enhancing!

I Have Faith In What We Have But Not Sure If She Feels The Same,

I Guess My Actions Lately Are The Only Things To Blame.

I’ve Been Taking Time To Heal Myself And Trying Not To Be So Damn Stubborn,

Working On Not Pointing My Fucking Fingers

Cause of All The Old Pain That I Suffered.

She’s Gorgeous And She Knows It, She’ll Always Be Amazing And Divine,

Ive Been Learning And I’m Growing, Taking It One Day At A Time.

This Feeling I’ve Been Holding Inside Has Just Been Getting So Strong,

I Don’t Know If Its Cause I Fell In Love, So This Is Where I End This Fucking Song!




  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 10th, 2019 02:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: Im Only Me When Im With YOU🖤🔮
  • Category: Spiritual
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