As the dark meets daytime skies

A true majestic creature flies

Seeking out her prey;

Gliding on the evening breeze

High above the woodland trees;

The closing of the day.


Ears that never miss a thing

Torso floating on the wing

Cruising o'er the ground;

Talons set in ready poise

Waiting for the slightest noise,

Circling all around.


Assisted by her curling beak

Her fine tuned senses start to seek,

Scanning over field;

Eyes that scout for living things

Trusting that the twilight brings

A fruitful yield.


Suddenly her goal she spies

Way below her quarry lies

She musters all her zeal;

She sets her line, sinews alive,

She marks her target, starts to dive;

She wins her meal.


She rises high with kill in mouth

She alters course, she's heading south,

Making for her nest;

She reaches home, her fledglings wait

She feeds them all a tasty plate

But she won't rest.


She takes to flight to quest again

She makes her way through wind and rain

Searching everywhere;

Moonlit feathers glittering gold,

Perfect, gleaming wings unfold,

The mistress of the air.







  • Fay Slimm

    A truly wonderful account of my favourite predator - your pen words its way round the motherly owl and her flight to find food so clearly Alan - a read to remember and true...... Fay


      Thank you so much Fay.
      You live by the sea and I Iive by moors and woods. I grew up (?) with owls and horses. I'm away for a couple of weeks from tomorrow but before I go I will try to do you something about your beautiful coastal Cornwall as I see it.

      Ex animo, Alan


      THANKS ALAN ~ BRIAN here (Angela is fast asleep 4am Wednesday !) Another very elegant POEM. Six balanced sextets with a consistent Rhyme Pattern aabccb etc ! Also the Subject OWLS one of our faves ! Of all the *Mother Owls* I have known your poem describes them perfectly !
      V1. Evening ~ on the hunt for prey
      V2. Silently cruising ~ always alert
      V3. Experience and twilight yield
      V4. Marks the target ~ wins her meal
      V5. Like all Mothers ~ meal for OWLETS
      V6. No rest for MUM ~ out & about AGAIN !

      Thanks for caring & sharing
      Blessings & Peace & Joy
      Yours B & A ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™

      • ALAN .S. JEEVES

        Good to hear from you Brian. Thank you for your welcome comments. Owls are wonderful are they not? a real hoot!

        My kindest regards to you both 'when the mother owl awakens'

        Ex animo, Alan

      • Goldfinch60

        Superb write Alan. They are such majestic birds born to silence in their lives.


        • ALAN .S. JEEVES

          Without owls we would all know nothing Andy.

          Ex animo, Alan

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