Silent Killer

One day you can be fine…

Then the next day everything that's ever been wrong comes back all at one time.

One line,


One lie every time they ask are u ok? & you say I’m Fine.

Gotta hide it.

Because depression isn't a game that people pick up and play to get attention.

Its Unintentional retention of bullshit that you drink to try and forget.

It's helplessly sending help me text that you hope don't get responded to.

But why would they when the message doesn't contain the word help because pride won't let you….


God won't let you die!

No matter how many times try!

At least not by his hand so the only option is suicide,

Which you don't have the balls to do anyway.

At least not today.


tomorrow might be a different story…

Depression nibbles away at the soul.

It devours the will to fight in just one bite.

One night,

Is all it takes once the demons take over.

Finally convincing you that the end of life brings the end of depression one step closer.

Finally…. it’s over…

Now it’s one day too late and everyone talks about how they wish they could have helped you.

Not realizing you wished they could have helped too.

If only they had realized that depression isn't a game

it's the silent war in your head that you fought without backup because they'd just tell you to get over it.


  • dusk arising

    And a surprising amount of people do get over it. But many more take a pill to ease the symptoms.

    There are those too who love to languish in its depths.

    • Bragee

      The pity party people are the worst and hurt the people who really need and want help.

    • Jeffrey Roy

      Very good poem about depression also and how it feels inside to have such a condition with the silent killer .

    • Neville

      Depression is often wrongly diagnosed and far too often medication is prescribed inappropriately.... There are many different affective disorders and where deemed necessary, any treatment interventions should be tailored to the individuals needs.. Two thirds of people with low mood/depression will spontaneously recover without any external intervention. There must be greater education of the public in general to appreciate that often there are good reasons why some folk feel unhappy or sad an no amount of external intervention will change that.. What in such circumstances needs to change is the situation, circumstance or events responsible... rant over... Anyway, I kinda liked this poem my friend.... N

      • Bragee

        Many people do get through it with no medication but still too many don't. I do agree that its often wrongly diagnosed and over medicated which is why I did not touch on the medicated side here. My focus for this piece was solely focused on the lack of brotherly love that could be all the medication one needs. They just don't know how to ask for it.
        Thank you for reading and Kinda liking it. lol

        • Neville

          pleasure's mine

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