It Has Been Eighteen Years (Tribute To September 11th 2001)


It has been eighteen years

Since that dark and gloomy day

Our hearts are still grieving

As a result of the chaos on display

The events that unfolded right before our eyes

Sadly presented devastation and corruption

The whole universe reacted with a melancholy tone

Everyone appeared to be in a state of frustration

Four planes ran off course and crashed

And buildings started to fall

A horrific and ugly scenery presented itself

As our backs were against the wall

The appearance of a sullen and dour mood

Many people cried lots of tears

The acrimony lives on to this day

Sadly, after all of these years


  • Christina8

    Very well done, brooklyn!!

  • Neville

    a much needed post I must say...

  • Fay Slimm.

    You versed the terrible tragedy so clearly brooklyn and reminded us never to forget that horrific happening.


    Thanks for reminding us FRIEND - We should never forget 911 A day when Americas Pride was severely tested. I was 18 on September 8 2001 and was in America with my Parents In Iowa visiting American Friends to celebrate my Birthday ! When we switched on the TV in the Morning the first one looked like a Film or Accident but the second on convinced us it was Terror Strike ! America went into SHUT DOWN and when the Iconic Towers Collapsed horror turned to mourning as we all sensed the Death Toll would be thousands. We feared for our Friend Paul (from the UK) who worked on the 101 Floor of the N Tower. We later learned he was mecifully off-site on that Day. We visited Ground Zero in 2002 with Paul from New Jersey ~ and he cried not for his lost JOB but his lost Colleagues. We have since visited the very striking memorial on the footprints of the Twin Towers and the New Tower. Every time I see a Picture of the Towers I still shed a Tear for the 3000 dead and the bereaved from many Nations on Earth ! It touched us ALL ~ AMEN

    Blessings to You & Yours
    Yours BRIAN 💙💙💙💙💙
    I am watching a Programme (UK TV)
    on the Twin Towers as I write this.

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