Friday the 13th

In the dark deep of night 

Hear the growl feel the bite

Of the creatures i had locked away 

They were gone now they're back 

As they sense that I lack 

The conviction to keep them at bay 

Trouble is all i see 

Is a shadow or three

Dance around at the edge of my eye

Some are quick others slow 

Like they want me to know 

This is what you become when you die

Could it just be the date 

Freddie feeding me bait 

As he strives to get into my dreams 

As he slashes his way 

Through my night into day 

Whilst ignoring my terrified screams 

As the thirteenth now ends 

All my thoughts turn to friends 

Who were with me when this all went down 

I will pray they survived 

The night Krueger untied

Ran amok as he claimed back his crown 


  • orchidee

    We got it all again in December. (check the calendar). Help! lol.

    • tepo

      Save me some ink
      Thanks orchidee

    • dusk arising

      So Freddy is back huh?

      • tepo

        Did he leave?

      • sylviasearcher

        Well thanks for reposting...

        There are so many layers in good horror fiction.

        You’ve motivated me to dabble...

        Might take a month... watch this space...

        • tepo

          Looking forward to it

        • Fay Slimm

          Oooooh - - I missed this one first time around and what an exposure of what Freddie can do to superstitious minds . A haunting shiver of a read tepo

          • tepo

            No you didn't
            Said you were hiding your eyes last time
            Ta fay

            • Fay Slimm

              Wow - -- well fancy that - - is my memory going wonky I wonder.............. ? ? ?

            • Andrew Charles Forrest

              Lock the door...
              It's not even Halloween yet
              Love the dark nights
              Thanks Tepo

              • tepo

                It is the 13th though
                Thanks Andrew

              • Christina8

                Enjoyed the repost! An awesome read as ever!

                • tepo

                  Thanks very much chrissy

                • H.M. Reynolds, hmrwrites

                  Love this slightly satirical, slightly scary poem for the day, sets the tone nicely! :)

                  • tepo

                    Thank you H.M
                    Good to see you
                    Read your first post today
                    Welcome to the site

                  • Bragee

                    Nice job!
                    Glad you reposted this one because I was not here yet the first time!

                    • tepo

                      Cheers Bragee
                      Much appreciated

                    • FineB

                      Hello Tepo,

                      Cool spooky write.

                      I am happy to say that norhing dramatic and scary happened to me on the 13th.

                      Keep writing FineB

                      • tepo

                        Glad to hear you survived fine b
                        Thank you

                      • Jane Frye

                        Ahh, fun to read, especially as Halloween is closing in on us.

                        • tepo

                          Thank you Jane
                          Truly appreciate your read and comment

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