Human cyst

Human cyst

Burn the forests melt
The ice what is left to
Sacrifice, once twice
Trice continuing to
Pay the price, drain the
Oceans kill the bee's, then
Each other starvation
War and disease

We are but a blip on the
Monstrous scale of descension
Consuming natures resources
distroying its beauty, blow it apart
Then bulldoze it away not a care
For tomorrows with profit and greed

The human being rules supreme
On this rock of blue and green so
Burn the forests and melt the ice
And when all is done and our world
Is distroyed eat your money consume
Your gold because nothing can remain
While such ignorance and greed exists.



    Hello again.

    A furious return that paints a bleak picture in the mind. I prefer a more optimistic vision. A reset for our planet, where human population has dwindled. Earth heals itself from our virus. You may have left that possibility open if we can get past our “ignorance and greed”.

    • ZIGGY

      Hello there thanks for the comment just thought I would pop back in with this one... Regards


      Pop back soon

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