All this pain is temporary

it all soon will pass

why then does it seem like joy

must always leave so fast?


Ever is it fleeting

it's memories soon dashed

faded, stretching thin with time

But painful ones, they last


Always we'll remember

the times in which we cried

that tested, even bested us

that made us wish we'd died


Pleasure is not forever

In fact, it's always gone too fast

With pain, it has one thing in common;

It too will always pass


Everything is temporary

All will run its course

The bad and good and in between

in all their driving force


Remember, when you're crying

A lesson all too necessary

Just like the joy now leaving you

This agony is temporary


  • AlitaOpal

    Reminds me of William Blake's poem Joy.. fantastic work 🎈

    • b-LAH-que

      I was worried when I wrote this one that it might be a bit too simple, but your feedback is reassuring, thank you

      • AlitaOpal

        Sometimes the simple things are the best pleasures and it was definitely a pleasure to read.

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