Tia Valentine

Every so often now and again a muse appears,

Could be a random person or could be a peer.

Maybe an A-List celebrity or someone from Vine,

Someone like the young beauty Tia Valentine.


Memories yet to fade of how we first never met,

On vine where you were but a flower not blossomed yet.

I was captured by your comedy how funny you were,

Would that I knew about the beauty was soon to be unearthed.


I watched you grow when I could,

How you slowly matured

From Vine to YouTube,

Then Instagram of course.


You are a talent with divine talents glowing through your essence,

Evidence of an adept artist somewhere in the heavens.

You are a masterpiece, arguably damn near perfection,

A vision rivaled only by your own reflection.


You're appreciated,

So just keep doing what you’re doing.

Plus still young,

No doubt a bright future for you is brewing.

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