Heat my soul to smolders

Vindication in my heart

Burns hotter as I'm older

Simmer down to tear your world apart


I don't believe in vengeance;

Makes more misery that plagued me

But this time I can't end it;

Stream of consciousness persuades me


Didn't want to, but it made me

You made it when you tried to play me

Swayed me to the ways of angry hatred

Turned from sagely patience


Look at you now; hanging, wasted

Dangling from a fate I've placed in 

Your wake, all alone with all the ache

Of broken bones--but wait!!

I'm making quakes that shake your home 

By airing out like thunderstorms your secrets that I know!

So shake and  moan, I love the nervousness you now can't help but show

Prescribe my greatest high by giving you your deepest low


I'm just a playful pussycat

Cry for your life, my little rodent

My claws are bared, sharp as a knife

I take your life as if I owned it


I'd given to forgiveness;

Once chose it as my way, but now

I give in to give you darkness

Oh, how it brightens up my day!


So let my sunshine through

Let it burn you with it's rays

The devil slept within me

You disturbed him where he lay


Now pay


  • dusk arising

    Hmmm it's definitely an inner fight not to hit the vengence trail sometimes. But i guess if one has to succumb then one has to relish it.... till regret sets in.

    • b-LAH-que

      Indeed. Better to express it through writing than through action, I say.

    • AlitaOpal

      I see it as just playing the part, push comes to shove through provocation.. intense work, I love it 🎈

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