Alan .S. Jeeves

A Kingfisher Day

When the morning first is born

With darkness on the run.

Warmth and light then greet the morn'

And make the way for sun.


When night-time creatures take their bed

And daytime things appear;

That's the time, I've often said,

When heaven is most near.


To stand and view the coloured show

With flowers of each kind;

The vivid hues of petals glow,

They intoxicate the mind.


To walk amongst the dewy grass

Which sparkles in the light.

Their blades salute you as you pass

And chase away the night.


To look above and see the sky

As blue as blue can be.

To stand below and wonder why

The blue is all you see.


Except the sun invades the blue

And golden splendour cast;

A vestige that the day is new

And yesterday is past.


This day is noble, like my bird,

A beauty to behold.

This day is special, take my word

Vivid, sparkling, blue and gold.









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