Alan .S. Jeeves

The Sparrow Hawk, the Keeper and I

As a boy I applauded her magnificent figure;

As a boy I watched her fly, in the sky, so high.

As a boy I admired her mighty vigour;

As a boy I watched her deftly swoop and swirl.

As a boy my intransigent senses she was able to trigger.


She was coloured golden brown as she flew;

She flashed and dazzled in the early morning sunshine.

She commanded the air as she soared straight and true;

Her eyes could see far ~ much farther than those of you or I.

Below nothing could obscure her view of the ground, bathed in dew.


She adorned the sky as the night-time darkness was done;

She was so beautiful against the backdrop of the heavens.

She was seen at a time when blackness was on the run;

She, alone, ruled the universe ~ that is, but for one ~

Beneath her prowled the keeper in this spats and breeches ~ and his gun.


Morning came to me easily, I ardently welcomed her here;

How could I not be in awe of this special time?

Now I could join the sparrowhawk, see her dive and veer.

She paid no heed to me ~ why should she? ~ I was her friend, you see!

She called out her 'Good Morning' to me as I lent her my ear.


She flew in the peaceful stillness of the cool, clean air;

Silent, the world was silent about us.

Then my exalted solitude was dashed, standing there;

A violent crack, a puff of smoke..... and she was gone,

I frantically searched the sky but she was nowhere.


As a man I recall my sparrowhawk, anamnesis she still dictates

(She even tumbled lifeless to the ground with dignity and grace).

As a man I may, myself, in time arrive at heaven's golden gates;

She knows that I will come and not betray her...

But she is ever patient and has faith ~ she awaits







  • Goldfinch60

    Good write. We used to have a pair of sparrowhawks come to our garden, one had caught a starling and another time a colored turtle dove. I have pictures of them both. With the turtle the sparrowhawk was feeding for an hour and twenty minutes before she went off with the carcass.

    • Alan .S. Jeeves

      I grew up in a community of half a dozen houses and nine farms. I went to a school of around 30 pupils (29 on a Friday if it was a fine day) so I didn't have many friends. Therefore if I wanted a meaningful conversation it was with someone with hooves or paws ~ or wings.

      Ex animo, Alan

    • Unsub


      my favourite film as a child was Kes so this poem did being back memories of that for me. Sparrowhawks & kestrels look similar when two miles away in the other field.

      Such a delicate poem of grace & tranquility. I have a story to tell about a majestic Tawny owl that met her match...I will PM you that as I'm sure nobody here will be interested in it & it has nothing to do with your wonderful poem.



      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        Thanks for making this a fave Dan. Look forward to hearing about your owl. I looked after an injured one in the 1970's until it could be successfully released. I called it Tony

        Ex animo, Alan

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