Step Up Your Game


It’s late at night and my judgement’s clouded

If you asked what happened, I wouldn’t say a word about it

I have excuses but I don’t really need them


If I read the list, you’d know I’m lying

But how many more “I’m sorry’s” was I supposed to sit through before we lost touch?

And how many more “I promise I’ll come next time’s” become too much?


See when you’re not here he fills my void

When you’re not here I have my boy toy

When you’re not here I tend to enjoy myself instead being trapped in mental hell

Trying to decipher the difference between “love” and “in love”


I still carry the smell of his cologne but the good news is you’ll never know

You don’t pay any attention to detail so it’s not like my sneaking around shows

You could say it’s dishonest, but I have needs that need meeting

And as obvious as I try to make it, you’re just not seeing


I can feel the difference between your heartbeat and his

You don’t cross my mind as much when I’m feeling his skin between my lips

What else am I supposed to do when you leave me here hanging?

Excuses, lack of planning, I’m sorry’s and bad timing


“I’m sorry I’m bad at texting”

I’m tired of all the lying

Bullshit, you should try trying

Making any effort at all

Instead of saying “I’m sorry that sucks” while I sit on the floor crying

I’ve had it with the extended timing

I’d like to say I’m forgiving but these walls that took building are making their way back up


I’ve had enough

I don’t really need a happy ending because everybody knows those don’t exist anyway

I’ve really got nothing left to say except

If you really want me

You better step up your game

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