Poetic Goddess



The only word I can breathlessly utter as I watch the words gracefully part from her lips.

Unintentionally seductive,

Sending my body into repetitive states of eruptive bahavior.

All from her words....

She is a poet.

She speaks life into situations that aren't worth anyone else's time.

She can solve many of the world problems with a similie, metaphor, or rhyme.

She is a woman...

A phenomenal woman...

Not just because of her full lips and thick thighs,

Her luscious brown skin or her pretty brown eyes,

But more so because of her ability to snatch the souls of men,

Time and time again

using nothing more than a ball point pen.

She is short in stature but character wise she towers above the average woman,

still refusing to look down on anyone or believe she's above them,

even though she is.

She is phenomenal.

So remarkable,

Even well planned remarks get swallowed when she looks my way.

Nothing left to say,

So I just listen.....

to the poetice melody of a phenomenal woman's words.

  • Author: Bragee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 30th, 2019 14:46
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Clara

    Oh, if this was written with a particular woman in mind, do share this with her. It's enough to make any woman swoon to be thought of and described in such a way. Great work!

    • Bragee

      Thank You!
      I will try and take your advice..Too bad i am shy!

    • Neville

      your words made me smile... nice one..

      • Bragee

        Thank You

      • Poetic Dan

        Outstanding and to be shy is not an unattractive feature, you should always risk it for a biscuit! Emotions like this need to be shared as ever word made me grateful for the woman I have upstairs. Thank you!

        • Bragee

          Thank you!

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