Michelle Syd

Day By Day With Chronic Pain


It’s like a light switch off one day on the next


It’s like you feel like dying but know it will only cause everyone else more pain then you’re feeling


It’s something you wouldn’t wish on even your worst enemy


You go to the doctors as a mystery case


You feel helpless and hopeless but choose to fight anyways


You pray and don’t get any answers but still choose to have faith


You feel like without it there really is nothing left


You see your life ahead of you but don’t know if you’ll really get there


You have days where you feel like you can’t get out of bed


You want to live life but you can’t get yourself to have motivation


  • chani

    It's a nice poem Michelle. What ever it is, don't give it up. Give a good fight.

    We all are having just black and white days, not colourful as we expect. But face it with courage. You will be fine in no time.
    Keep writing. You will find a way out easily

  • dusk arising

    There are times this life brings us the anguish of pain, be it mental or physical. And the first thing we instinctively do is to decide whether or not we succumb or succeed.
    Your piece reads like you are a survivor and prepared to endure the fight to the other side where once again joy waits.
    Not just a glib and posey, pretty comment from me today Michelle. I am fighting the dreaded C at the moment know that the positive attitude to overcome, to succeed is what keeps me afloat.
    Go for it and win!

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