H.M. Reynolds, hmrwrites


One day, our world is going to reverse, and

I’ll be watching; keeping you

On the edge of your seat, until it hurts.

You don’t get anywhere in this world, unless you

Know how to blend in (I know,

The glorious, decisive

Power of sin).


Couldn’t fall asleep Saturday nights.

Turning, reversing. But

Why say a life takes

Set years to be lived, when those

Faded to a dusty rose, are

Younger than we’ve ever been?


I hear you smile. I covet it

(Innocently). But there is 

No way for me to follow you into this. I put

Blood under nails for you, but now the

Sun only shines through to mock us.


A kick from being too mild – I need

Levity over the light you attract.

This road is stronger than the

Others less taken; curls

Into me, not far away from me.

The sun follows you because

All plants lean that way.


Came out of my mouth and

Into the wild - can’t

Light the fire without a little noise.

Run your finger through my hair, until

The bad in you outweighs the good.

Death as a song on repeat;

Your sun isn’t rising up for a while.


Mark the dates on my calendar.

I am eating again (but only because I hate fainting).

Your voice carries.

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