Misery accompanied, haltered, tethered... tattered web

This health conscious lx year

roam'n, hoodwinking hoodlum doth wear

two pair bullet proof underwear,

(which confession rarely trumpeted),

plus yours truly admits unclear

why tibia long in the tooth fellow,

prevaricates with tongue in cheek oh contraire

good n plenti humor absent clear

sense and sensibility so beware

me figuratively pulling poetic foot

mainly "white lie" fibula I air

discombobulated gobbledygook,

which corroboration ye might declare

choosing to cease reading

feeling in high dungeon as all hell... where,

twitching (bull leave me you) nostrils flare

analogous to spewing dragon

rare endangered species from Zaire

of corpse stewing in dungeon

hooping on wing and prayer

to attend Renaissance Faire,

thus word wizard conjured

aforementioned as metaphorical veneer

cuz, he really sought to pioneer

his breakout poetaster career,

thus far batch

prefabricated rejection letters

posits alternative to forswear

writing another feeble rhyme

relieving anonymous critics

providence beckons I hear

doom and resignation refrain

repeatedly hammering and echoing

within chambers of each ear

mancave best provenance

divine providence especially if nuclear

war rents tentative moments to spare,

which doomsday looms clear,

perhaps half fortnight away

fatalistic mindset, I despair

money woes exacerbate pesky news

sense under_scoring dallying,

dithering, lollygagging... while linear

rise regarding global temperature

gives cold comfort the buccaneer

occupying oval office laissez faire

attitude, hence pennilessness moot

total mortal kombat global warming

further accentuates real Halloween scare,

no trick only ill treatment

unleashed courtesy mutineer

hand over fist handily did profiteer

minting daily another bajillionaire

government coffers bursting

mother earth biosphere square

within uber targeted crosshair

talking heads poles

apart as global warming

melts Antarctic frigidaire

Santa Claus reindeer and elves

schvitz as north pole melts

in short shrift oblate sphere

formerly teeming with life

field day for hardy

indomitable creatures thriving

within most scary nightmare.


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