S EPTEMBER is my favourite Month
E ASY on the eye ~ Summer passing by
P REPARATION for the Harvest ~ Big Moon in the sky !
T HE trees look cute ~ all heavy with their FROOT
E VERY bush with berries laden ~ Autumns juicy LOOT !
M ONTH ~ Long ago when I was BORN ~ one MORN
B EAUTIFUL morning ~ Happy Happy Happy DAWN
E VERY DAY Year the DAY draws near ERGO ~ I
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March...The Month of My Birth;
The only time requests are most likely to be fulfilled,
but other times...excuses are given instead;
Only because of 'birthday'...things are special on This Earth.
However...that is in terms of significance;
Special or Favourite...NONE,
That month will suffice...the only time
I could make treasured memories with Those I Want.
Thanks...and You're Welcome. (Joker44)

I love EASTER - I love SPRING
All the Flowers bloom - All the Birds sing !
My Birthday is the end of MARCH
And EASTER & SPRING through both Months doth charge !
12th APRIL next year is so SPECIAL too .....
Cos Im getting MARRIED to YOU KNOW WHO !
Its SPRINGTIME in AUCKLAND - seems a bit strange
In the SOUTH HEMISPHERE all the Seasons rearrange
But Im comming home to ESSEX where AUTUMN winds do blow
With a bit of luck @ Christmas well get some Essex Snow !
Thnaks for reading ~ Please add your FAVE MONTH
Blessings & Love to ALL Angela & Brian 🧡 💙 🧡

August represents the month that I was born
On that hot and summer night
The season would change within a month
The outlook on my life would be very bright
Summer would then become fall
The leaves on the trees would soon change
Life is fickle and whimsical
We must stay above the range

Fall is my month
Yet not when I came here
Fall is the one
My part of the year
Fall is the one
My favorite time
Fall is the one
So I made this rhyme ❤
Thanks! ~Mangosquid

October is best with leaves upon
The ground
The chill in the air pinches our
Cheeks and leaves them all aglow
The world it becomes quieter... The
Darkness brings less sound
It wont be long... Its nearly here
The snow upon the ground

PREFACE:January appears as one of a boot half doze hen choices, and no choosing first month just because birthday re: garding yours truly occurs the thirteenth day. January named after Roman god of doors, Janus, because this month is the door to the year. Janus represents all beginnings and possesses ability to see all things past and future.
Egads, I vaguely remember moment of conception
fertilized ovum shortly begat biological fruition
'course process took place before in vitro fertilization
within days my mum (when she hapt tubby spring ... er
rather Autumn chicken) gave secrete information
whereby, he courtesy of General Electric got levitation
spontaneously jetting off to outer limits, viz oscillation
to bequeath storied genealogical obligation,
where yours truly doth reign without any resignation.

My favorite month is November,
because it means Christmas is coming.
It has Christmas movies and lights,
and a little drummer boy drumming.
Oh not to mention, 'I also like pie'.
Apple, sweat potato, and pumpkin,
are my favorite.
It is hard to eat it slow.
No matter how much,
I want to savor it.

December I choose as my locked in favorite month of the year.
The crisp air. Warm fires, foggy mornings and quiet nights. The sun seems to hide behind mountains of frost for a few more hours.
The cold air strengthens me as I begin my day, keeping me focused on work more than any time of the year. Laughter comes easy. Hope and determination...easier. No eyes on love like February, No fear of the rain like march or April.
No worry of a hot day to come like the summer months of May, June, July and August.
Peace of mind comes to thought with December, that's why I favor it more than any month.

If I had to pick
I’d say December
Cause everyone agrees
It’s a month to remember
The crisp cold days
Crunchy snow on the ground
Silent nights
The world not making a sound
Dark mornings
Dark nights
Hot chocolate
Christmas lights
Celebrating with friends
The year when it ends.

This is the last STANZA on this FUSION
So I thought Id have the last word !
BRIAN (My FIANCEE) & I have been sparated by ....
11,500 miles for 15 MONTHS ~ LONDON UK and ....
AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND where I was on work exchange
The parting has been painful but I would NOT
Have missed the experience for MILLION DOLLARS !
BRIAN is coming to NZ on Saturday to bring ....
ME home to ESSEX UK and we*ll be together ....
So my favourite MONTH right now is OCTOBER !
Thanks for visiting ~ You can still add a
Comment or a NEW STANZA Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡

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