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I stare up towards the clouds free from any shackle & chain

I look upon the hopeless as they look to their God without shame

He brings them suffering & pain; yet still they believe & never blame


My religion has no time for a God designed for the lost

My religion has no place for a deity created for the herd

Your religion is based on words that you must know are totally absurd

Yet still you read that bible obsessively; every pointless word

When was it you lost your way

& your direction & focus on reality became so masked & blurred?


No deity for me to rule my life

No bible to dictate each choice

No church to waste time on prayer

So I won’t be going to Heaven…like I care!


No God for me to rule my life

No bible to dictate each choice

No church to waste time on my knees

So I have no place in Heaven…so I’m free!


I wander freely among the trees without any shackle nor chain

I look upon the useless as they worship their deity without shame

Yet he brings them misery & pain; & still they don’t question or blame


My religion has no space for a deity perfected to control the crowd

My religion has no time for a God that can’t possibly exist

Your religion is based on lies & deceit but still you preach; you can’t resist

The words in your bible make no sense so you manipulate, guess & twist

When was it you lost your way

& your clarity & vision on reality became so shrouded in mist?


© 2019 Unsub


  • orchidee

    Erm, I don't suppose one would find this in a hymn-poem book! A pity, as there is Chorus/Refrain in it too.

    • Unsub


      is there such a thing as a hymn-poem book? If there is I agree this might not make the cut!


      • orchidee

        Well, yes - my poems on here saved as an E-book - if I must blow my own trumpet!

      • Michael Edwards

        So well written and saying many things I would like to put in a poem - but you've beaten me to it in superb fashion.

        • Unsub


          appreciate your time reading & commenting; thank you,


        • dusk arising

          Yep yep yep. But you are opposing the brainwashed weaklings who are afraid to confront with honesty.

          Those established religions are all man made power bases created in semi civilized middle age type society which is where they belong.

          Today's theologians accept that most of the 'bible' is a based on mistranslations and yet the christian church still preaches that tradition. No wonder people have something better to do.

          Having said all this, i am still a spiritual man with my beliefs but they are far far away from the christian excuse for being.

          A thunderingly good write Unsub. Completely over the head of the target audience mind u LOL.

          • Unsub


            well my target audience is anybody who wants to read me.

            I avoid the "Persistence is key" crew & their work & in return I expect them to avoid mine...this wouldn't convert the blinded anyway!

            Really appreciate you commenting, always welcome on my page!


          • Goldfinch60

            The way my religious belief has changed recently makes me think that I could have written your wonderful words.
            My Spirit I know is still there within me but it is MY Spirit.
            Your words are so true and I too will put this into my favourites.


            • Unsub


              spirit is on a completley different level to religion. No lies or deceit with your spirit; it's yours without outside influence or corruption.


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