Tom Wood

Slowly, Surely


Slowly, surely, I've been wand'ring

To a certain destination

The dreary walk leaves time for pondering

My spirits drop in elevation


The smoky haze leaves interpretation

To the minds of those lost souls

Something close to a loose sensation

Drained away with red-hot coals


The trees reach down, the wind howls

My legs start to a frantic shivering

A sense of capture in hysteria's jowls

The tempters snare, I hear Him whispering


Prickling, my hairs rise unlike I've felt

I begin my walk towards the haze

A low deep growling aroused my ear

Silence, too much! I cannot hear!

Jerking to motion, not even time for a gaze

My heart, my legs, my mind ablaze


Slowly, surely, I've been wand'ring

To where? I'm not sure yet

The rainy sky leads me to pondering

The voices tell me not to fret



  • orchidee

    Good write Tom. Erm, will ya tell me when ya have got there, wherever it is ya are going?! heehee.

    • Tom Wood

      Thank you! Yes, I believe I have arrived lol :)

      • orchidee

        Did you have to take the No.7 bus to get there?! lol.

      • Thoughts In Time

        Sometimes the best place we can find ourselves is in the unknown ...places we just land up ..where we are meant to be...exciting walk you did have it seems...🌹

        • Tom Wood

          Very true, thank you for reading the poem :)

          • Thoughts In Time

            Pleasure was mine🌹

          • Quemis

            I love this - especially the first half of this poem.

            Such power.

            • Tom Wood

              Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it

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