Mans Best Friend

It’s too quite in this house

No one around no dog no spouse

The silence at night is driving me mad

I miss boy, my lad

I miss coming home and he’s there

Behind the door with that puppy dog stare

Saying welcome home daddy in the only way he knows

My boy loves me and it shows

From cuddles on the sofa to playing about

I love my boy without a doubt

Because he’s always been here when no ones around

Now this house is empty and there’s no sound

No barking at the door, I miss that now

I wish I could turn back time somehow

Give him more cuddles and kisses and rubs on the tummy

Because things didn’t work with me n his mummy

She’s taken him away and I wanna cry

Because I love the little guy

When he wanted something he would sit there and stare

I keep looking up wishing he was there

Hearing a bark and I think he’s home

But it’s in my head because I look and I’m alone

Without him around it’s lonely as fuck

I miss talking him out, him getting covered in muck

Barking at the door, he’s like a doorbell

Now when someone is here I can’t tell

Was that beep for me or down the street?

He’d let me know before and it was sweet

I miss his zoomies and him playing with his ball

But I miss his cuddles most of all

Him Snuggling up with his head on my lap

Then Drifting off and having a nap

I miss Stroking his head while he’s sleeping

These are the moments I wish I was keeping

But I’m gonna see him now and again

It’s the times I won’t that I’ll feel the pain

I can’t wait to see him and take him out

I’ve been loosing my shit with him not about

He’s my little bundle of joy

I miss my boy πŸ•πŸ’š


  • Clara

    What a lovely poem that a lot of dog lovers, animal lovers, will be able to relate to. They really are part of the family. Really wonderful work.

  • Poetic Dan

    Dam that was such a heavy hearted read, I've missed many of my four legged friends. But like each relationship, it makes us appreciate the next ;)

    Very well expressed and my thoughts are with you!
    Much peace and respect

  • orchidee

    A sad but fine write. Can you get a replacement? It may not seem the same, I know. You'll still see him sometimes.

    • MrB

      Thank you for your kind comment. Sadly due to work I can’t get another dog. But at least i get to see him now and again

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