Push Them Back

Rise up and fight.
Move forward.
March onward.
Advance as you push them back.
Rise up you few men.
Rise up against thousands upon thousands.
Fight valiantly.
When the enemy thinks,
it has you at bay,
fight from every angle.
Use the mountains.
Use the terrain.
Use the heat.
Use the night.
Fight them in the trenches.
Do not surrender.
Be of good courage.
Be of good faith.
Women and children,
support your soldiers.
Brothers, support your brothers.
Leaders lead,
and let God lead.
Remember the power of prayer.
You will make history -
great history.
You will be known,
as those who were at,
the hand of the enemy -
those who were looking at defeat,
and yet pushed the enemy back.
Others will wonder.
Others will marvel,
and yet you will give God the glory.
You will be known for your honor.
You will have victory.

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