Alan .S. Jeeves

My friend and I

My friend and I conversed,

Just as the morning burst,

We parleyed over things that we hold dear;

We talked of how it was

When we were young because...

We talk, a lot, of things of yesteryear.


My friend and I talk on

Of former days, now gone,

We tell each other stories from afore;

We talk of days passed by

As we reminisce ~ or try,

To relive all the times we had, once more.


My friend and I evoke

Old memories of the folk

Who coloured both our lived from time to time;

We smile as we recall,

As each other we enthrall

With tales of deeds encountered in our prime.


My friend and I remember

Things ~ now a burning ember ~

Some further friends, sadly now expired;

Though we often call to mind

The others left behind

Who, like us, are gratefully retired.


My friend and I sit hushed

As private thoughts are pushed

To the vanguard of our memory by and by;

So we'll enjoy our treasured hours

As we build our 'ivory towers'

And chuckle to ourselves ~ my friend and I.









  • orchidee

    A fine write Alan. Oh, friendships - some going back millions of years (so I say, I'm very old ya know!) lol.

    • Alan .S. Jeeves

      Good morning Steve. Yes I have lots of friends (as we all do), some you see more than others.
      My name is French (I understand) originally and my family came over with William in 1066 and stayed. They started going downhill in 1067.

      Keep battling, Alan

    • Goldfinch60

      Good friends are so important in our lives.

      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        So are MPS friends Andy, although they may not realise it.

        Listen to Jim croce 'I'll have to say ILY in a song' when you have 3 minutes to spare. Hope you like it.

        Ex animo, Alan

      • dusk arising

        Such easy flow throughout this piece Alan. Pleasure to read because yes it's entertaining... so many lighter poems aren't so well thought out as yours today.
        Your closing lines are perfect here.

        I can't imagine a more perfectly composed light piece piece than this, it's excellence places it firmly into my favourites.

        Just had to return and add a footnote. I'm usually 'put off' by regular rhyme in poetry as all to often the piece can become 'twee' as can be seen all to often on MPS but there is no hint of that here whatsoever.

        • Alan .S. Jeeves

          Thank you so much for your wonderful comment dusk. I don't write a great deal of stuff which doesn't rhyme though. I have been a musician for over 50 years (over 1.5 billion heartbeats) and rhyme and rhythm is habitual. Glad you enjoyed this one though.

          Kind regards to fellow bards ~ Alan

          • dusk arising

            P.S. musician/singer here too.... sadly very lapsed as regards gigging..... but have 5 saxes, one strat copy, ibanez bass, yamaha syth, nameless ukelele and oodles of electronics upstairs in my music room. Looking forward to that 'one day' when i get to grips with home recording. I still write many songs and yep, i know where you're coming from with rhyme.
            One of my compositions and me on alto sax can be heard on 'pictures' here on MPS (from about 1995)

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