Alan .S. Jeeves

In the Cool Night Air

The bistred day has fallen still,

A darkened mead hangs overhead;

The hush within the evening chill

Chants now the yore is gone to bed.

A gently breeze steals from the west,

Cool among the shadowed lanes;

The sunburned broil, now at rest,

It's warmth has gone, though still remains.


The cool night air stands all alone

Anon the past is gone to sleep;

Daytime secrets tossed and blown,

The faithful night for ere to keep.

Secrets that the breeze fears speak,

Winnowing in the night-time swell;

Brushing eastward 'gainst your cheek...

The whispered wind mayn't kiss-n'-tell.


Evensong is served this eve

All around the moonlit shrine;

Absolution cedes when you believe,

The cool night air is sweet as wine.

Drink your fill in solemn thought,

Let your mind escape within;

Cleanse your conscience, ever fraught,

Save your soul! - confess your sin!


Here beneath a cloudless sky

You're not alone ~ you seldom are;

Within the dim nocturnals fly

As someone watches from afar.

So meditate, your faith elate,

Ruminate, and yet beware;

 Intoxicate your mindless state

Drinking in the cool night air.



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