In the beginning God created the illusion & the void

& the void was without form & substance; & a veil was upon the face of the deep

& the Reptilian agenda moved upon the face of the waters

& God said, let there be lies & & there were lies

& God saw the lies but they weren’t good

& God said these lies aren’t good, they’re fucking perfect

God then divided the human race from its Oneness


I look down at my watch & laugh as I know time does not exist

Everything is an illusion, all three dimensional holograms

This planet in which I appear doesn’t even exist

The Illuminati sells me the greatest lie, the lie is I have only five senses

Yet I have been beyond the lie & seen the truth

I am not an individual, I am Oneness, part of the collective mind

We are all Oneness, but few have the strength to see

Our minds have been tampered with, we don’t who we are


We have all been sleeping so long we have forgotten who & what we are

The illusion has become our safe reality

We feel safe in this hologram, but are we safe at all?

The Government lies, religion is false & the media programmes our perspective on the world

The Moon is not even there

We conform, we follow, we’re sheep & where do sheep end up?

The abattoir; slaughtered

I need not say anymore


& so we carry on held within the prison that was once our own mind

Subliminal images poison our ability to think

We consume all that they present to us as truth

As individuals we fight amongst ourselves but we have no idea who our enemy really is

We have been disconnected with this matrix of illusion

We are enslaved because we identify the self with our body & name!

Oh how we have been deceived

Our body & name is merely the vehicle & symbol for what we really are

We are Infinite Awareness, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Love



In the end the human race broke free from the illusion & void

& our consciousness became One; the veil was lifted from the face of the deep

& the Reptilian agenda sank beyond the face of the waters

& One said, let there be light & there was light

& One saw the light & it was good

& one said let there be infinite awareness, infinite consciousness & infinite love

& One became itself



© 2019 Unsub


  • Goldfinch60

    What an absolutely superb write Unsub. That ONENESS is where My Spirit is and will be forever.
    Yet another of your poems going into my favourites - thank you.


    • Unsub


      I like the thought that your oneness is where your spirit is.

      Appreciate the read & comment my dear friend,


    • dusk arising

      Unsub.... EXCELLENT !! This is the strongest most appropriate piece of writing i have seen on MPS so far as the world today is concerned.
      My number one favourite by as long chalk.
      Wholeheartedly agree with finding ones own mind and living oneness - right where i am in this existence.

      I could say so much more but this piece is your show and did i mention, an excellent show.

      Hope you don't mind if i show this piece (with Unsub attribution) to friends elsewhere?

      • Unsub


        apparently my work makes people commit suicide & I am a racist pig?

        Love people trying to figure me out.

        I just post my observations, sometimes feelings or sometimes just something in my head; this one is personal to me.

        Really appreciate you saying this is a strong piece.

        Of course you can share elsewhere.


      • sylviasearcher

        Loved it

        • Unsub


          the Bible according to Unsub. Should be my next novel!


          • sylviasearcher

            Is that ironic lol 😂

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          • orchidee

            But are we then, or become, God or a god, in ourselves? I can't see how the created beings can be more than the Creator God.
            I could say more perhaps, if I was some sort of expert on creation....
            Just to be annoying(?!) I have a poem with a hymn tune named 'Genesis'.

            • Unsub


              just an alternative view of the Genesis passage.

              The point to focus on is what/who is God in my writing?


              • orchidee

                Oh I see. Erm, I shouldn't think it would be in an orthodox Bible - meaning 'basic, conforming', etc! Maybe in 'The Alternative Bible' if there is such a version?
                Are we (you) making self the God, or a god, in the poem?
                This sounds hyfalutin, but I read somewhere: 'God... the Ever-existing, Self-supporting, All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Everything Being...the One'.

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              • Laura


                You know I admire and respect your work! This is a very hard and perplexing subject for me. Having had many negative and some positive experiences, I’ve struggled with the subject matter for many years! I’ve finally come to that fork in the road where I’ve made the decision to live my life the way I best see fit...for me...as long as no one I care about is hurt in the process!

                ONENESS speaks volumes!

                Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


                • Unsub


                  the subject can be perplexing for some. Living your life the best way that suits you is the best option in my opinion.

                  Thanks for the read & comment,


                  • Laura

                    You’re very welcome!
                    I certainly agree with you!
                    Have a great day my friend.🤗

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