Maybe I am crazy, I don't care.

My old beliefs are rearranging

If I'm going crazy I don't care

If I lose control so what

Death take me, I dare

This is a new layer of awakening

To trust my own judgements only seems fair

A lot of my beliefs and thoughts I don't share

Because many are programmed and don't care

When they're hijacked and try to trigger.. banish but don't stay bitter

I question my sanity when there doesn't seem like much clarity

Feels like I'm falling further but really I'm coming back to me

I trust the process

One day I'll share my progress

To my sons and daughters

Though they might not be impressed

If my environment is challenging and weird shit is happening

Let it happen and let it be

Bring balance back to my mind soul and body

My intuition knows what's right and wrong for me

Stay in touch with my center and dance in the stormy weather

Sometimes heavy as a brick, sometimes light as a feather

Came here to experience

Came here to see

Seeing beyond deeper layers

Seeing deeper into me

When I don't understand

Am I crazy? So what if I am.

Let go of control

I have my own back

I've set my goals

I've got some plans

If they're suited

If they're meant to be

Trust that my soul tribe are holding my hand.

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