Joker Green

My Laughing Side – Being Someone Else

Changes is inevitable;
So does the is magical,
Growth is there...being more capable,
Having things which are is a miracle.


In certain others...they become different;
Stage Names, Pen Names, Nicknames, Code Names;
Whatever it is...something inside stays indifferent;
A yearning for something...A love towards something.


Whoever or whatever it will be,
It will be something meaningful to see;
It radiates Strength, Wisdom, or even Love,
What it attracts...they somehow need it as much as it needs them.


It defines;
It’s better than being unknown; meaning...honesty,
To honour it...creates Life and Legacy.


With Hope and Blessings,


  • Lamar Cole

    This is a very thought provoking poem.

  • Poetic Dan

    Absolutely brilliant I could feel so much from this, reading it nice and slow to see where it took me! Incredible! Thank you.

    I did enjoy Watching that series and reflecting as well, it was well written!

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