Chris Yellow

The dangling bait

"Stop all this winning, wet nose drooling
pull yourself up, have any self-respect!"
(Slow cat walk, sit lick a paw and reflect.) 😼
"Though after your loss of grip, legs splitting,
kicks sowing and your eyes inflating,
the slide of the twister mutt off deck... 😹
Purr... wasn't my tail waving a bit direct?"
Small me, needs to be anticipating.😽

"If I throw a rope...meauw... redeeming,,
would your sharp teeth make my fur regret?
or would this benevolent saving
trump my mischievous nature in the end?
I'll gamble a life for a left wing."
"Thanks!" (Full face lick. yuck!) "I won't forget."


  • Joker Green

    Definitely made me smile.

  • Unsub


    left-field approach - totally got it!

    Best poem today here on MPS.


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