The Merlin (part II)

Jenny Wren

The swallow sat in her nest on a warm and balmy night,


She often thought about her Merlin; wondered if he were alright.


A need to tell him she was well was tugging at her heart,


But how to get a message to him when they were so far apart?


She gazed above to the Moon, and smiled to see her face,


Looking down majestically from that celestial place.


And then she had a thought: that Merlin sees her too,


The moon could pass her message on to he that shares her view.


So, she told the moon all she had ever wanted to say,


To her dearest Merlin since that sad and fateful day.




The Merlin sat at the edge of his wood,


Overlooking the farm where an old barn stood.


The Moon was full and bathing him in a beautiful silvery light,


He looked up at her with a heavy heart to be soothed by her sight.


As he did, a gently wind rustled the surrounding trees,


And then he heard his Swallow’s song carried to him on the breeze.


His heart felt lighter to know his Swallow was safe and well,


Now he understood that to the Moon, her messages she would tell.


So now when Merlin feels sad, and Swallow he does miss,


He only need look up at the Moon to feel her loving kiss.





  • Author: Jenny Wren (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 24th, 2019 05:28
  • Category: Love
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