Life, a never-ending essence.

We get happy we value,

we get sad we miss the oh magnificent gal you.

The fear of loss, betrayal, death.

It haunts the youth, all they want is the truth.

I feel lost, betrayed, dead.

"You don't have to die to be dead."

Crumbled into a ball of misery,

a door is creaking, the man is here.

Sharp as glass, metallic skin. It's him...

I stare at him, he returns the look.

I'm hooked. 

Nothing but anger, I scream, I cry, I fight,

It is all returned.

Why can't I win? Just once.

So feeble, ailing.


I look, nobody came.

He is everywhere. In the water, on the wall.

"Please leave me alone!" I cry.

Nothing but a mimic.


The room getting smaller, screams getting louder,

parents, not any prouder, I fail.

 I think...

Why me?

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