Two Paths Going Forward

Two paths diverge then meet again,

And I can somewhat see the end,

Where the paths converge in the distance,

I just have to choose a way.


The first path is the popular one,

The one that is closer to home

The one that they want me to take—

My sister and my mother.


They say that if I choose the other path,

They'll miss me oh so dearly.

And I feel guilty for leaving my sister alone,

But I don't think I can stay with my mom.


Every single day on that path,

I'll have to endure her never-ending requests.

And while she says she will support me in any path I take,

I know she wants me to go with her.


The other path is much tougher,

Purely alone with just simply me

But at least I won't be suffocating.

Suffocating and utter trapped.


I'll have to fend for myself,

Becoming an independent human being.

Skills I never knew,

Under the broad wings of my mom.


But this path is also scaring me,

I'll be away from everything I've known.

I'll be surrounded by different people,

Away from my little home.


I have to make a decision soon,

Because deadlines are coming up.

And I need to figure out which path I should take:

Suffocated and safe or free and deeply afraid.

  • Author: Eeva (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 27th, 2019 17:38
  • Category: Reflection
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