Unreciprocated Love


There was a time when all I had was hope.

Hope that one day, I wouldn't be alone.

Did you know how much pain I was in, or did you just not care?

Maybe it was my fault.

Maybe I'm being unfair.

You didn't know the cost would be my faith.

Honestly, you thought you were doing the right thing.

Did you not know how much I loved you, how much I needed you in my life?

I guess I'm just pathetic, and I deserved getting pierced by your knife.

You were my everything, the one I held onto.

You must not have realized how much I needed you.

I trusted that you'd be there to catch me when I fell, because you were the one by my side, the day my dad made me cry

He left without a word, disappearing out of sight.

If you hadn't been there, I wouldn't have survived that night.

I know it hurt you too, leaving me behind.

So why did you do it?

I guess you were blind, to the fact that without you I was a mess.

And what you didn't know, is that I became the thing you feared most.

I never told you what happened, but now I confess, that you were the very reason I left


  • Author: Merissa (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 28th, 2019 15:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: Was about a friendship that I had and she wasn't okay with me being gay. She was my religious tutor. She didn't know for a long time that I was in love with her, but when she found out, she tossed me aside. She believed that by being my friend when I felt that way towards her, she was making my "condition" worse. I left the church eventually because I couldn't be apart of something that was against who I was.
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  • Lamar Cole

    Very good heartfelt write.

    • Merissa

      Thanks. 🙂

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