Relentlessly, Consistantly Gifted

Have you been so happy for the talent one has?
Have you ever wanted to grasp that same ability? What about the potential to slide right in and practice the way they did? Giving it your all day in and day out for no other reason but to accomplish this goal. Again and again. Day after day. Time after time. Becoming so entwined with repeat, theres no way you're ending short.
However. For some reason, life strikes a pose. Forcing you to decide on a suspended path to what you want to do. Hinting and reminding you that you have to do this instead of that. Getting in the way. Justifying your own actions and gradually pushing. Forcing the button no one every wants to push: Abort.
Clearing the board of responsibilities sends a remarkable resistance from your shoulders to your wants once more. Giving you the green light to take on the practice of dreams and goals. This time pushing to get even further in the moment. Never denying the alternative, yet glancing at it isnt even an achievement.
Blazing through the ranks. Higher and farther than just to an idols level. Growth. Yet not only are the masterpieces hanging, the stories are beginning to forge titles. Giving little sight to failure as you branch with new ideas. Delivering a stance of confidence in many ways. Large cups of coffee, with little sleep. Breaking records, and breaking promises. This is starting to take over the time you once loved. Yet you're still moving forward. Commitment.

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