Thank God For Poetry

Poetry is,

a true gift from God,

one where you can pointlessly,

boast to yourself.

Why post to other people,

when you can easily,

post yourself?

When no one is willing,

to teach you or coach you,

poetry will help you,

bring the most of yourself.

You can write,

to the entire world,

or maybe you just wrote to yourself.

Poetry is in,

so many things.

It is more than just,

on paper.

Sometimes, it may bring you down.

Other times, it may be an enabler.

So write or find a poem,

that will lift you up.

It does not have to rhyme,

because poetry is powerful.

It can help bring you through,

all the time.


  • orchidee

    Well, yes, all poetry I think is a reflection of ourselves to greater or lesser degree.
    I would like to understand 'boasting' in a spiritual sense, not in a selfish or bragging sense of 'look at me; don't I write great poems; just see me, me, me!'

    • ForeverJesus6

      That is why I had wrote, 'pointlessly boasting'. Also, I am implying that one should not boast for others to hear. That is one of the many things that is great about poetry. IF you feel the need to boast, then you can boast to yourself on paper. Thank you for your comment.
      Persistence is key

    • Lamar Cole

      Reading and writing poetry is a good thing.


      Thnaks ZION for sharing your concept of WHAT Poetry is and also what it ACHIEVES ! ANGELA & I can express our feelings for EACH OTHER (& GOD !) through poetry that would look narcisstic in Prose. Poetry is also CATHARTIC we can open our hearts pain & fears ina POEM ~ contributors to MPS often do ! Because Poetry is so so expressive it AMERLIORATES any subject it chances on ! A WORLD without poetry would be like Strawberries & Cream (favourite food at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament) without the STRAWBERRIES ~ AMEN !

      Blessings & Peace & Joy to YOU & YOURS
      Love in Spirit ANGELA & BRIAN ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก

    • dusk arising

      How come i write poetry and publish on here more often than you do and don't acknowledge that your 'god' even exists!!!

      Your god didn't gift me sonny.

      Why do so many christians attempt this patronising stance which shines through your writing. You're nothing more than deluded from childhood into fearing not to believe in a man made fairy tale.

      • ForeverJesus6

        You are almost funny like the dog in your picture.

        • dusk arising

          Persistence is fun.

        • FineB

          Hi ForeverJesus6,

          A wonderful tribute and write to the gift of poetry which all of us on My Poetic Side have truly been blessed with.

          Keep writing FineB

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