Joe Dawson

All Hallows’ Eve

Notice of absence from Joe Dawson
I shall be away for quite some time. It's been great fun. Stay safe, stay well. Goodbye for now. Joe



A Transylvanian escapade,
A mummy-fest beyond the grave,
A night macabre, dark as death,
A gruesome hand, a withered leg,
A witches coven, broomstick freaks,
A night of candy, trick or treat.


Blood-curdling screams that ring through

The trees, telling of witches, ghosts and

Banshees, hot cauldron’s bubbling, mean

Spells galore, warty red spots and wide

Open sores.


Creepy dead creatures, white sightless eyes,

Beware of the dark on this auspicious night.

A coffin lid casually cast to one side,

The signs are he waits in a graveyard nearby.

He wears a black cape with a lining of red,

His teeth bear the blood of a beautiful neck.

Who might it be, well. three guesses all,

Don’t open the door, it might be - Dracula!


A wild night macabre like never before,

Unspeakable things knock and wait at the

Door, it’s a brave soul indeed who answers

The bell, for the caller that waits is too

Scary to tell.


Hallowe’en, Hallowe’en, scream if you dare,

But what good will it do? There’s nobody there!

What moved in the shadows, what played with

Your hair, a graveyard commotion, a ghoulish

Affair. A finger that beckons, ‘come into the

Woods’, keep walking, don’t dawdle, it’s after

Yer blood. But all that aside, ‘tis a night to believe,

In the fun and the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve.


© Joseph G Dawson



  • FineB

    Hello Joe,

    A brilliant, ghoulish write just in time for Halloween.

    Keep writing FineB

    • Joe Dawson

      Hello FineB, Just made a brew and back here I am. Thank you so much, delighted this met with your approval. Many thanks, Joe.

    • AlitaOpal

      Wonderfully written and fun to read x

      • Joe Dawson

        Hello AlitaOpal, Such a good subject to get one's teeth into, I could write about this time of year forever. So glad you liked it and what a wonderful treat to have you as a friend, I am over the moon. Thank you so much. Joe

        • AlitaOpal

          Alway's a pleasure (never a chore).. October is the month of my birth and I have always loved autum where the hour goes back and days are shorter.. Perfect time for Halloween x
          Keep up the excellent work x

        • Lamar Cole

          Great Halloween Poem.

          • Joe Dawson

            Thank you hardly fits the bill. Delighted you took the time to read. Joe

          • elphaba993

            I love your writing. You really paint a picture with your words!

            • Joe Dawson

              Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your words and your visit. Joe

            • kevin browne

              Run as quick as you can especially when that coffin lid is casually cast to one side. Scary, yet beautifully written. Good work...

              • Joe Dawson

                Thank you Kevin, Scary, but even coffin lids have their attraction at this time of year, from a fun perspective that is. Joe

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