For the sake of virtue


the inner me is discerned of the outer me,


fallen corpses make a living ;for multi-corporation,


porcelain dreams are shattered; by the over ruling wreckage-ship


divided I stand,


meeting the means of longevity,


the reign of false fortune; hints the riducule, of what's in formation,


such a stale truth, I shall'th not consume ,


false flags in the teeth of something, I cannot compute...nor want I resume.



  • orchidee

    I gotta read your stuff standing on me head now, since your pic appeared. Doh! lol

  • RiverJordan

    I'm actually standing on my feet, maybe you're standing on your head

  • FineB

    Hello RiverJordan,

    Excellent write!

    Keep writing FineB

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