Tight Jeans, Red Hair, And A Violin

Every Monday I see you.

You see me,

and you look at me too.

Your beautiful long red hair,

and your beautiful scent,

that lingers in the air...

If there was such a thing,

as love at first sight;

my love would be,

towards you,

as I see, and hear you,

play on your violin.

We talk,

but only exchange few words.

As you lean forward,

and bend over to speak,

your Jeans tighten even more.

I cannot help but notice.

Now that we talked,

I can honestly say,

that I love you,

and you can honestly say,

that you love me too.


saying it aloud,

takes alot more courage.

So as our conversation ends,

we will go our separate ways,

knowing that until,

either one of us,

says, 'I love you',

or until Monday comes,

we will think of each other every day.




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