Alan .S. Jeeves

Maiden Fair

Fair maiden how I long to be

Out, this day, a-stroll with thee.

Maiden fair come take my hand,

Walk with me 'bout hallowed land.


Look at me, tell what you spy

As you look me in the eye.

Voice your kind words soft and low,

Gift your ethos as we go.


Fair maid embrace me with your soul,

Hear my quandary, pray console;

Help me in my hour of need

Now mine eyes begin to bleed.


Count my blessings one by one,

Steal my infractions, leave me none;

Lead me on like straying sheep,

Gaze on me my soul to keep.


Fair maiden guide me on my way,

Show your light at break of day.

Play your music in my ear,

Steer me safely lest I veer.


Cause me heed your ardent power,

Strengthen me this very hour.

Hold me upright as we walk

Reveal your secrets as we talk.


Fair maiden, maiden, all I ask

Recognise behind my mask.

Know the yearning that I long,

Keep me virtuous, keep me strong.


Sit with me in silent pose

Let me observe a fragrant rose.

Bloomed, ablaze neath noon day sun

Till my tangled web is spun.


Fair maiden listen at day's end,

Lay with me - a special friend.

Let your thoughts flit to and fro,

Kiss my face afore I go.


As darkness chills the evening air

Promise me, oh maiden fair;

Pledge that if we part anon....

That you will love me when I'm gone.



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