drunken mushy heart souffle




I always feel like

i’m interrupting something


like a great, beaming eye

i loose the throes of chaos


and most days i just grab water

onto that gold


it is a harbor of inept!

of dying curls,

and girls who are smart to leave!

there is a cold wind

of illness and youth!


and i just set my insides ablaze

to sad tunes

and remember when i

was a moon orbiting such heavy

fame, such grandiose depravity!


i am instead a slug,

dripping in bath water and a novelty

hoop and holler

dance and jiggle

you are slime to them!


revive your loneliest haunts!

purple eyed monster hunters!

would that i were Grendel,

i would die by some heroine’s lovely blade!


genderbent myth!

i compose gilgamesh and

drink until i slouch!


fuck off, tired thoughts of life!

with your greying work,

i built a temple to temporary!


marble and quartz, the laughing white

greater than aragorn and still,

i am more odiferous!


use your words when you can!

work in every tired vocab word!

interest is based on wordiness!


the woman i’ve loved need me to yell!

next time, scream your intentions or die in a room full of sycophants!

if not, die similarly alone!


in the end, i pay for the look!

i want to slow dance!

my moves are erratic, and i still talk!


but then again sweetie

who did you waltz with

who saw your light

like a dying canary?

  • Author: Big Swifty (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 10th, 2019 02:00
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 25
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