We always went

to town Saturday

but this week

it was different !


My PAPA said

that I could

choose a BICYCLE !


My first grown-up

BIKE - with Gears

Bell & Lights !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments please ~ Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡


BRIAN & I like FORMS that restrict the length of the POEM !

Poetic Forms ~ like Haiku - Senryu - Limericks & Sonnets etc.

One of our favorites is the Acrostic which is limited by the

number of WORDS in the TITLE. A DECA - TRI Poem has

TEN lines and each line has THREE WORDS (not three syllables)

It can be ONE ten line verse ~ or any pattern of lines ! This

example is 4  3  3. A DECA - TRI Poem does not have to RHYME !


Please check our latest FUSION ~

*What*s your favourite mode of transport ?*  

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  • Published: November 12th, 2019 02:22
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  • orchidee

    A good write B&A. Oh yes, I remembers it well, me first bicycle - a mini penny-farthing with stabilisers! Or that one with square wheels a long time ago, before someone invented the round wheel. Now, now, Fido - saying 'On yer bike' when he's in a mood! lol.


      ANGELA HERE ! Good Morning Uncle Steve - free til 3 so just checking MPS ! Pleased you enjoyed the presenattion ! Of the historic BYKES I like the HOBBY HORSE best whic you push with your FEET (wiv bover boots on !). I always fall off PENNY FARTHINGS before I get going ! The ROUND WHEEL was nvented over 7000 years ago ! Didnt know you were that old !

      Blessings & Joy to YOU & YOUR Precocious Pooch !
      Love in the Spirit ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

    • Nafis Light

      I am more interested in the story that you have to tell...what the poem is about, rather than the type/format of the poem.

      Haven't been able to ride a bicycle.
      I still join in for a regular Lucky Draw where the main prizes are bicycles. Not sure why I do it because even if I won a bicycle, I may not ride it out of disinterest.
      Participation, anticipation, just join in...I guess.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        ANGELA HERE - GOOD MORNING J44 - Thanks for your comment. Some of the POETRY READING GROUPS Brian & I have been in - You have to explain the STRUCTURE of the POEM (meter & rhyme pattern etc) before you get to the SUBSTANCE ! On this site We only mention the Structure the first time We introduce a new one ! One often wins a PRIZE in a Raffle etc one really in essence has no use for ! Between the ages of 5 & 25 I had lots of different BYKES ! In Life & Love one always has to be a PARTICIPATOR or DIE !

        Blessings & Peace & Joy to YOU & YOURS
        Love ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡💙🧡💙🧡

      • Suresh

        Still the most common wheeled transport in use - and we never forget our first bike.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks SURESH ~ Millions in Daily use in CHINA - INDIA & AFRICA & S America ! In the UK a used BIKE is cheap (£30 = $40) reuires no Fuel or licence and porduces little CO2 ! If we all went back 200 Years to 1819 there would be no cars and we would all be on Horses or Bikes ~ AMEN ! My first BIG bike was a hybrid made by one of my PAPAS Friends ~ which I had for four years (12 to 16 !) it gave me FREEDOM !

          Blessings to You & Yours
          Love Angela & Brian 🧡💙🧡

          • Suresh

            A point of fact - the use of any non-human method, like horses, bullocks, cows ect., all generate adverse CO2 and green house gases, by the increased numbers of animals bred for that purpose.

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          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Thanks for your comments JOE ! I got my first MICKY MOUSE three wheeler for CHRISTMAS when I was FOUR ! It was all wrapped up but the shape gave it away ! Ive had about a dozen bikes since then. I still have a *SIT UP & BEG MODEL with a BASKET* that belonged to my MAMA ! I still use it for trips into the Village & the Post Office ! Brians on the other hand is a State of the Art Touring BIKE with Panniers ! I want him to swap it for a TANDEM ! Thanks for your comment !

            Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
            Love ANGELA & BRIAN

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