Living In My Dreams (Dark Poetry)

Tried a new style (non personal dark poetry)

Origional poem: Living in my dreams

When I sleep I’m living in my dreams
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to breath.
The things that I’ve seen
They make me scream
I’m living in my dreams, nothing is what it seems.
Life is a scheme
Low self-esteem,
Going in circles searching for peace
Where is my vaccine
Pass me the lean,
Help me drift to my peaceful dreams.

Dream Bright….
I see a light, Its midnight.
I just swallowed some pills, I cant think right.
I need to chill but I cant sit still
Gods plan is only going down hill.
Free will
My life is built like a land fill
Sleeping pills, Mentally ill.
I don’t want to wake up
I need a refill
Lord give me the power not to kill…

I’m lying on the floor I need another poor,
There is nothing in my life to work for.
To much of a coward, nothing instore
People come into my life then leave through the back door.
Stand for
So much more
I need someone to help me restore.
My thoughts
My dreams I’m living in my dreams
Living in my dreams.
I need help before….

I cant feel a thing
My body is numb
I grab my knife and slide it across my thumb.
Oh so dumb
But my demons tell me there is a beautiful outcome.
So I cut my wrists as I watch the blood flow
Dripping of my elbows onto the concrete floor.
I pass out
Let go
Nothing but a shadow, no rainbow.
My body is ice cold and there is blood all over my torso.
I hear the radio
I’m being sucked into a black hole, but I still hear the banjo.
I’m running on a dark road
I’m close to saying goodbye instead of…

Before I don’t wake up
Before I can’t see
My dreams take me away from my painful destiny.
Where is the empathy
That is the recipe remedy
Living in my dreams I am my greatest enemy
Now I’m breathing heavily
Death penalty.


  • yellowrose

    Dark but a very good poem !! Seriously well expressed

    • Tiffany_Arnold

      @yellowrose thank you so much

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