Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom you stop me with your beauty 

do you understand or do you mock me cruelly?

Your true colors are so attractive 

you spark a thought in my head I didn't think it was still active. 

you give me a heart of hope I have an idea but I retract it. 

I keep to myself maybe I should of acted. 

I'll stay away because I seek the best version of myself but I get distracted.

you blossom in the cold of winter 

youre stuck in my mind like a carpenter has splinters. 

how ever you will leave in spring 

and it's cool you're on your next stage of life do your thing.

Hopefully one day I find the best me I don't know what this will include. 

I lose faith and seek strength in my solitude 


  • lovedud

    very well done, life goes on

    • Dakota

      🙏🏽 Thank you

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