come back later sally can’t play.

okay i lost. 
okay i lost. 
i am lost. 
completely lost. 
malfunctioning like a cd with scrapes and scratches on it. 
a cd with scratches on it. 
cd plays horrible thoughts. 

i never wanna be that way again 

i never wanna be that way again 

the cd plays i am there again. 

i am there again.
in that cold car. 
busted knuckles in that cold place. 
coagulated blood seeps, unable to drain because 

it's cold! 
simple enough its cold. 
frozen tongues can't make the 
no sense of security because (im cold). 
"blame the cold" you'll say in puffs of dragon smoke. 
that common denominator thing you'd say. 
i'll shrug it off because i AM cold. 
gas light like a propane lantern 
gas light leaves no heat when you wheel it out the room. 

"how could you" I'll say to the steam 
bug hunting in your hair to find sincere thoughts. 
"i think you're a sociopath" meekly 
a laugh. a shiver (it's cold) "you don't think at all" 

banish me to the dungeon of your defeat and make it stink like me. 
the entitlement you convince me i have. 

you, me and your demons - always and forever 

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