Who Comes First

I love my mom,

and I love my dad,

each more every day.

I love my nieces and nephews.

I try my best,

to raise them the right way.

I cannot neglect,

my responsibilities,

even though they seem,

to sometimes never end.

Although it is,

also fun,

to have that one special friend.

It is nice to have some money,

every now and then.

It is always good to have,

a few extra dollars to spend.

Even for those,

with a big family,

or who only have their spouse,

I am sure you know,

that it an accomplishment,

when you own,

your first house.

Still, you must remember,

about those you love,

and what you cherish,

that when we die,

we leave others behind,

and everything else,

will eventually perish.

So there is nothing wrong,

with having a list of accomplishments.

We must always,

strive for our best,

and enjoy our rewards.

Still, at the end of the day,

we must remember,

that we must always,

live for the Lord.


  • orchidee

    It is so, and He even said 'hate them' in some Bible versions. But this is simply explained, I believe, by saying 'hate' means 'love them less then Jesus'.

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