kevin browne

Butterflies Flutter.

Measurable, but still debatable
How the human heart touches
Intelligence and still desirable
When instinct says to trust it.

Decorum formed new tastes
And to align with proper folk
In trying not to put to waste
The dangers of losing hope.

Distinctive, but, yet still attentive
How the beating of life can shame
Of all the thoughts you thought of
And how to realise to play the game.

Hearing whispers from miles away
Wake in a dream of something new
For the hand held out saved the day
And hearing those whispers are true.

Saved by the hurt that cured the pain
Lost in the winter when blizzards blew
When life loved and started yet again
The thoughts that said it's down to you.

That love is tender, that love is deep
Morning's glimmer of a gentle breeze
Pick out the pieces for a love to keep
When morning glimmers come at ease.

Now the petals have left to fly away
Butterflies flutter a beauty in my eye
And as another lover failed to stay
They both cried and wondered why,

Yes, tears have rolled over the heart
Deepening urges display its desire
Now that loves grows from the start
Don't be stubborn, don't match a fire.

Graceful beginnings of love to come
Hanging on a hinge of hope it's there
Depending a hook won't come undone
As they take a slow walk up the stair.

Try to hold ya hands up and all its fears
Try to hold it together through the years
You've nothing to gain or to win and lose
Depending on the hook that you chose.

Beckoning romances to dance in the air
Flowers growing, blooming everywhere
Sat on the big belief of never letting go
Take the pace of love with what you know.


  • yellowrose

    Amazing ! Such a way with words . I am glad I have started to read poetry again on this site ...

    I loved reading this

    • kevin browne

      Thank you, yellowrose, much appreciated...Keep the reading up because your poetry will always improve with more and more creative thought and writing...!!!

    • orchidee

      A fine write Kevin. And now my offering, starting: 'Oh butterfly, how you flutter by......'
      Erm, that's as far as I've got at the moment. lol.

      • kevin browne

        That's not too shabby, orchi...!!!

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